240 DEGREE 3D PROJECTION MAPPING, Custom Content, playback and more...

Challenges like these don't come around everyday. The enormity of the task to make this production happen was only trumped by our total excitement to do it. Accurately mapping a 20 foot human head at 240 degrees, create 24 pieces of hard hitting killer content, and a custom system to sync both video and lighting to the natural control of the DJ ended up being one of the most gratifying projects for our live show team ever.

Show Designer
Alex Reardon

3D projection Mapping and Video Playback
Ian McDaniel

Lighting and Software Engineer
Seth Robinson

Behind The Scenes


See some of the custom playback work we created as show designer Alex Reardon, gives Avicii a quick overview of how easy it is to operate the Le7els Tour show system. Basically, just DJ. Lights, video and all track and sync to Avicii's performance!

Project Statistics

  • 240 degree Blended 3D PRojection Mapping
  • 6 semitransparent 3D projection Mapped Leaves
  • 1 60 ft LED Wall
  • Custom Built show control and video sync
  • Custom made content for 24 EDM Songs