Ian McDaniel

Production President/Co-Founder

Over 25 years in digital video and motion graphics. Ian brings a rich blend of video technical expertise with an artistic understanding. Often found buried under various digital equipment and hard drives of data. The only thing Ian would prefer more is if the pile of euphoria was located in Las Vegas, possibly at Fry's electronics.


Mark Argenti


Over 25 years of video production and commercial art. A firm believer that amazing art is found where purpose and the facade of limitation meet. Mark is just at home in a strategy meeting as he is working alongside the production team. Creating graphics or directing a video piece makes him a happy and healthy man. Now if we can just get him to put down the cigar and whiskey after each gig. Who says there isn't truth in advertising?

Mícheál Morgan

Software Dev/Co-Founder

Passion to create is a good phrase to describe Mícheál, a seasoned software architect and battle tested entrepreneur. A lover of cloud orchestration and complex intellectual stimulation, he's also a prolific open source contributor. He might more often be found road side after a long bike ride with two ice coffees in his hands. That's of course after you checked for him under his desk... he might be passed out!



Good Theory Studios is project based design studio that offers a wide variety of world -class motion graphic, 3D - 2D VFX, and live-action work for the largest brands,  music artist, event agencies and television producers in the world. Based in Orlando Florida, established by 20 year industry veterans in 3D animation, video production and  motion graphics. Built upon a solid foundation of artistic excellence and technical ingenuity. Producing stunning large scale visuals, animations, visual effects and experience design for any medium and platform. Committed to our clients, the results and our craft, we continue to evolve as the go-to resource for agencies, show producers, Iconic music artist, product makers and designers that demand outstanding visual content.

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You guys are like the Micheal Jackson of content!
— Julie Walther -Show Producer, Andre Agassi Foundation