Goodtheory makes 'Fighters First'! A Spike Sports & Bellator MMA Case Study

We designed and developed 'Fighter First' video content and playback system(s) for Bellator MMA 'Glory Walks' for Spike Sports.

Key goals.
Video Content packages that focus on creating A LARGER THAN LIFE 'Hero' moment for each fighter bringing both the viewers in the audience and at home closer to the personality and style of each MMA fighter.

Develop a show flow that works with the mechanical and physical properties of the custom three mil LED Stage screens, in several versions and with other in-show elements like pyro-FX and lighting.

Integrate with both the Bellator Executive Creative Director/Coordinating Producer, Stu Wiener and the Broadcast Spike Sports Director Rick Beczynski. Satisfying both on-air and in-house audiences with live in-show screen elements.

Develop a sustainable and affordable a three-week production cycle, in different locations, and in various configurations, keeping standards that meet all creative and logistical demands under the direction of Spike Sports VP Scott Fishman and Bellator Exec. V.P. of Production, Mike Sarnoski.

  • Technical Design
  • Content Design
  • Pre-Post Production
  • Screen Mapping and Playback

Tools: Maxon Cinema 4D, Protools, Adobe Premiere, Abode After Effects, Octane Render

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